The Third Russian Meeting on Clays and Clay Minerals — CLAYS-2015
The meeting was held on December 02-04, 2015 at IGEM RAS and was interdisciplinary in nature and brought together a wide range of scientists: geologists, soil scientists, mineralogists and crystallographers, specialists studying both the properties of clays and clay minerals and the possibility of their practical application in the national economy. The program of the Meeting consisted of plenary and breakout sessions.

— The Plenary sessions were attended by leading Russian and foreign scientists on the advanced achievements of the science of clays and clay minerals: V.A. Drits (GIN RAS), N.S. Mergelov (IG RAS), E. Ferrage (E. Ferrage, University of Poitiers, France), A.G. Kalinichev (Subatech Laboratory, Institute of Mining Sciences, France) and A.D. Savko (VSU).

Breakout sessions:

Section C1. Crystal chemistry of clay minerals, modern methods of diagnosis and research.

Presentations were made by B.A. Sakharov (GIN RAS, Moscow) — a key report at the section, B.B.Zvyagina (GIN RAS, Moscow), F. Hubert (F. Hubert, University of Poitiers, France). E.S. Zhitova (St. Petersburg State University, IViS FEB RAS), I.A. Varfolomeev (MIPT), A.D. Ryanskaya (IGG UrO RAS), T.I. Ivanovskaya (GIN RAS, Moscow).

Section C2. Mineralogy and geochemistry. Geology of clays. Genesis and Synthesis and Section C5. Clay minerals for solving oil and gas industry issues: from reservoirs to drilling fluids.

Sessions of Sections C2 and C5 were held jointly and included a range of issues related to the use of clay minerals to identify the genesis of rocks, facies analysis, description of the features of the conditions for the formation and transformation of clay minerals in various geological settings.

Oral presentations were made by P.E. Belousov (IGEM RAS), A.V. Krainov (VSU), Yu.V. Frolova (Lomonosov Moscow State University). Poster presentations were made by: E.V. Belogub (IMiN UrO RAS), A.A. Koldaev (IGG AN RUz), O.S. Vereshchagin (St. Petersburg State University), A.V. Sergeeva (IViS FEB RAS), P.V. Khvorov (IMin UrO RAS), L.M. Sitdikova (KFU).

Section C3. Physical, chemical, colloidal, etc. properties; practical use in industry, agriculture, medicine, archeology, art; solving environmental pollution problems, etc.

During the work of the section, issues of formation of various properties (physical, chemical, colloidal, etc.) of clay minerals, transformation of properties during modification of the structure of minerals, environmental aspects; application of clays and clay materials in industry, agriculture, archeology, art; solving environmental pollution problems, creation of clay anti-migration barriers, application in nuclear power, etc. The section collected the largest number of reports.

Presentations were made by M.N. Timofeeva (IC SB RAS) — a key report at the section, R.A. Kuznetsov (Lomonosov Moscow State University), L.G. Bulygin (Lomonosov Moscow State University), M.S. Chernov (Lomonosov Moscow State University), B.V. Lezhko (MITHT), T.A. Sokolova (Lomonosov Moscow State University), L. Dzene (L. Dzene, University of Poitiers, France), V.V. Krupskaya (IGEM RAS), L.A. Novikova (VLTA), A.M. Kulkov (St. Petersburg State University RC "Geomodel"). Poster presentations were made by: L.G. Bulygina (Lomonosov Moscow State University), S.V. Zakusin (IGEM RAS), Yu.I. Bocharnikova (IGEM RAS), A.Yu. Romanchuk (Lomonosov Moscow State University), E.S. Chechetko (Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov), D.A. shushkov (IG Komi NC UrO RAS), L.A. Zemskova (THEIR FEB RAS), E.S. Abrinova (MITHT), A.S. Kasprzhitskiy (RSUPS).

Section C4. Clay minerals in weathering crusts, soils and paleosols, organo-clay interactions.

In the work of this section, the features of the formation and transformation of clay minerals during the weathering of various rocks, the conditions of their formation and changes in soils and paleosols, organo-mineral interactions were discussed.

Oral presentations were made by: M.Y. Merkushova (VSU), O.S. Vereshchagin (St. Petersburg State University), V.A. Sviridov (VSU), I.I. Tolpeshta (Lomonosov Moscow State University).

The Meeting program is available here: Meeting Program
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