Belousov Pyotr Evgenievich
Secretary of the RCG
Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences
Senior Researcher

Institute of Geology of Ore Deposits, Petrography, Mineralogy and Geochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IGEM RAS)
Scientific career
In 2011, he completed his master's degree at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, entered postgraduate studies there and in 2013 defended his PhD thesis on the topic "Geology, mineralogy and conditions of formation of the Tikhmenevsky bentonite deposit (Sakhalin Island)". Since 2011, he started working at IGEM RAS as a junior researcher.

Member of the State Examination Commission at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, expert of the Russian Science Foundation, secretary of the Russian Group for the Study of clays and clay minerals, member of the Russian Mineralogical Society, reviewer of the MDPI publishing house.

Belousov P.E. is a specialist in the study of geology, mineralogy, conditions of formation and application of non-metallic minerals: bentonite clays, kaolinite, glauconite, zeolite, carbonate rocks, diatomite, trepel, flask, etc. Studies terrigenous-diagenetic and hydrothermal mineral-forming systems. Conducts research on the mineral resource base and properties of natural sorbents, as well as their sorption properties in relation to radionuclides. He is engaged in clarifying the conditions of formation and mineral composition of low-gold-bearing mudstones of the Far East. He took part in field work at various fields in Russia, near and far abroad. Has more than 50 publications (including 8 publications from the WoS list).
Current research

Geology of nonmetallic minerals, terrigenous-diagenetic and hydrothermal mineral-forming systems of the Far East, conditions of formation and geological and structural position of nonmetallic minerals of Russia, lithology, industrial raw materials, mudstones, natural sorbents, bentonite clays, zeolites.

Main scientific results
  • The analysis of the mineral resource base of bentonite clays of Russia is carried out. The geological structure, composition and directions of use of the main bentonite clay deposits being developed in Russia are characterized.
  • Volcanogenic-sedimentary bentonite-bearing provinces of the Siberian and Far Eastern regions, as well as Sakhalin Island, are considered. The most promising regions have been identified for the purpose of expanding the mineral resource base of bentonite raw materials.
  • The features of the formation conditions of bentonite deposits of volcanogenic-sedimentary genesis occurring in coal-bearing basins are studied in detail.
  • The analysis of the mineral resource base of natural sorbents of Russia (zeolite, glauconite, diatomite, peat, shungite, hard and brown coal,) was carried out. Geological provinces have been identified.
  • In order to solve the issues of ensuring the safety of nuclear heritage sites, the sorption characteristics of natural sorbents in relation to Cs, Sr, U, Np radionuclides have been studied in detail. The stability of natural sorbents, namely stability and structural transformations as a result of exposure to aggressive factors, has been studied.
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