IV Russian School on clay Minerals «Argilla Studium-2015»
November 30 - December 2, 2015
35 Staromonetny Lane, IGEM RAS
The fourth Russian School on clay Minerals «Argilla Studium-2015»

The IV Russian School on Clay Minerals "Argilla Studium-2015" was held on November 30-December 02, 2015 at IGEM RAS and was aimed at specialists in the field of clay and clay minerals, as well as students, postgraduates, young scientists and representatives of industrial organizations.

The School program consisted of three parts:

1. Theoretical lectures devoted to the study of the composition, structure and properties of clay minerals. In part, the topics of the lectures are a continuation of the lectures of previous Schools on clay minerals. Lectures by foreign specialists will be conducted with consecutive translation into Russian.
2. Round table on the structure and identification of mixed-layer clay minerals.
3. Seminar on quantitative analysis.

The School's program was devoted to methodological issues of identification and study of the composition, structure and properties of clay minerals. The school was attended by leading Russian and foreign specialists: B.A. Sakharov (GIN RAS, Moscow), B.B.Zvyagina (GIN RAS, Moscow), T.I. Ivanovskaya (GIN RAS, Moscow), F. Hubert (F. Hubert) and Zh. Vinier (J. Viennet) (University of Poitiers, France), A.G. Kalinichev (Subatech Laboratory, Institute of Mining Sciences, France), etc.

All participants of the IV Argilla Studium-2015 Clay Minerals School noted the high level of lectures and qualifications of lecturers and speakers, as well as plenary and sectional speakers of the III Russian Meeting on Clays and Clay Minerals – "CLAYS-2015".

This level was achieved mainly by the efforts of Russian specialists, who are leading Russian scientists with a recognized world name.

Thanks to the support of IGEM RAS and partners, it was possible to attract leading foreign specialists, which certainly enriched the event programs and raised their level.

Discussions during the School and the Meeting revealed a fairly high level of provision of Russian laboratories with modern equipment, but, as indicated in the reports on previous Schools on clay minerals, there is largely an insufficient level of training of specialists, which is explained by the specificity of the tasks and the lack of appropriate training programs at universities.

It is this gap in the education of specialists in the study of clays and clay minerals that the Clay Minerals School is designed to partially fill. The system of lectures and round tables devoted to the methodology of studying the structure and identification of clay minerals, and in particular, quantitative mineral analysis of clay rocks currently has no analogues in Russian practice.

A large number of young specialists attended the Meeting on Clays and Clay Minerals, which allows us to hope for the development of the field of studying clays and clay minerals in the Russian Federation in the future.

The Organizing Committee and the Russian Group on Clays and Clay Minerals once again express their gratitude to the main sponsors of the events – E-Globaledge Corporation and Rigaku Company for their long-term support of scientific events on the study of clays and clay minerals, as well as to the companies Technoinfo and Nienshants-Scientific LLC for supporting the events in 2015. By supporting science, you support the future of our country and the well-being of all Russians!

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